Costa Rica Tours Jaco

Costa Rica is a beautiful piece of land evergreen in Central America. Once you get to this fabulous country will not fail to be impressed by its beautiful natural environment, which is presented in the national parks that have managed to retain their first appearance.

The world of jungles, canyons and volcanoes discovered in numerous tours such as Costa Rica and there are many of them, below is a list of the most interesting. See The Tour Website in Jaco Beach

One of the most important ways of Costa Rica is the most visited place in the country will – Monteverdi National Park. The park is known as a paradise of forest due to its uniqueness, which is represented in the giant trees and amazing wildlife.

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Thank s to its location, which is 1000 meters above sea level, the park has a humid temperate climate with rainfall that is perfect for plants. In total, the park has 2,500 species of plants, 400 species of birds and amphibians and reptiles in 1200. Isa paradise park for nature lovers and just a great place for everyone.

The best way to explore the park is to ask a treetop, but a mode of transport, created by the Indians long ago. May be associated with a pedestrian bridge as it moves across the sky by a rope. Canopy Tours include stops every 500 meters on platforms calls, which are based on the treetops. This tour will be open throughout the jungle a powerful look very unusual.

Visit Next on the list of Top Tours are interesting places in Costa Rica – coffee plantations. Historically, Costa Rica was one of the first to export coffee in North America and Europe, and in the country where you can see plantations everywhere, even near Alta hotels like Hotel in Escazu.

For those who admire this special drink is a special trip as it passes through the coffee plantations maximum and minimum. During this tour you can see, trying to make the coffee itself.

The course last but not least, Costa Rica is called volcano tour. Irasu, Poaz, Arenal and former Rinkon four active volcanoes are located near populated areas and are easily accessible. The volcano largest and most visited Irasu, its erosion watch last several lunar observers who absolutely fantastic one. Go here to rent a helicopter or book a tour to visit Arenal Volcano which eventĀ more interesting. He woke up in 1968 and now is an active volcano. The tour begins at the volcano at night, when the red and yellow from a giant mountain.

As you can see, there are many things that will be in Costa Rica as the country itself is a paradise for those who appreciate the beautiful nature and almost overwhelming.


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