Sport Massage, One of the best way to to recover after work out..

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 Sports Massage

Although it may seem, the origins of sports massage are not exactly recent, dating from Greek and Roman times.
In Roman times, the gladiators received massages before and after their bitter struggles.

Furthermore, with the advent of the Olympics, the Greeks refined existing techniques and had an excellent approach to what we now understand that the sports massage.
Features sports massage For sports massage should not be understood by a set of novel and specific maneuvers exclusively for the treatment of athletes, but sports massage based on the same principles and massage movements. However, this does not stop because of the peculiarity of the sports world, these massages require major adaptations.

Sports Massage Evolution

Not only must adapt to the demands of the sport, but also the particular sport to which they apply. Due to the special requirements and the sports world, sports massage essentially fulfill two very…

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