Costa Rica Fishing Jaco

Also consider the time of year to have the best chance of getting big. Some of the best places are:
Tamarindo: The North Pacific Coast has large areas of the high seas and ports of Tamarindo and Flamingo are among the largest offshore fishing vessels in the country. The winter months are the best time to take the needle, despite having had all year. Sailfish are also found in abundance on the north coast, and tend to be around May to August, in their large numbers. You can also expect to catch tuna, dorado and roosterfish in fishing vacation in Costa Rica.

Golfito: Always on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Golfito is located on the Golfo Dulce and next to Puerto Jimenez on the other side of the Gulf can find some great fishing experiences at sea that are handled by the tranquility of the bay. This is the best place to try to catch a 30-pound roosterfish, preferring calmer waters and can take most of the year. The area also attracts bass, the biggest one is displayed briefly, from March to May and six months later, in September.


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